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I have a free gift in tribute to those who have served, and those who have fallen, in defense of our country. You are invited to read my new prequel short story, SOLEMN VOW, about Bryson McGann, protagonist in the action/adventure book series.

Bryson McGann is sent on a covert mission to rescue a missing U.S. army colonel in Iraq, near the Syrian border. What he uncovers is the first clue exposing a network of powerbrokers responsible for global chaos and the orchestration of 9/11.

On Wednesdays and Saturdays, I’ll be posting a new chapter of the story.  After the last chapter (10 in all), I’ll be taking the story off the website and making it available as a Kindle book. Click here to read Solemn Vow.

William Beck combines events from life, his military days, and the medical field, to create an intriguing series of edge-of-your-seat thrillers involving Bryson McGann and the National Earth Seas Science Agency. Masterfully scripted, these invitingly provocative tales will keep you turning pages long into the night.

"William Beck is this decade's answer to Tom Clancy."
   ~ Tom Carter, Seven-time New York Times and
     two-time USA Today best-selling author 

"Admittance of existence, and at the same time, denial and obfuscation yield the best results for concealing the truth. Will we ever know the exact intent of the rumored conspiracies? The answer is, as with most things of this nature, probably not. Still, the quest for verity lingers. So, with that in mind, sit back and turn the pages of H.A.A.R.P.’S FURY, RED 7, CARIBBEAN AGENDA and CROSSCURRENTS and then let Bryson McGann put the pieces of the puzzle together for you. For it is only in the realm of storytelling, where fact and fiction coincide, that there can be answers to the puzzling and collusive events that wait to shatter the world around us."

~ William Beck

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In a revealing interview, IWIC Hall of Fame author William Beck, creator of...

During the Cold War lasting nearly fifty years, and in the 1960’s when bitter tensions between the Soviet Union and the United States brewed at a fevered pitch, the fear of nuclear annihilation ran rampant. Society...

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Today, Tuesday, 1 August 2017, is the release date of William Beck's first Jess Colton novel, The Judas Coin
    "Not since DaVinci Coin has such riveting suspense touched sacred beliefs and myths."   - Tom Carter  Multiple New York Times and USA/Today Bestselling author.
Jess Colton is an archaeologist facing several life crises when she receives a mysterious late night phone call from an old man, Lev Ryter. She has been chosen as the Guardian and must locate the coins paid to Judas.
    "Filled with tension and conflict...powerful writing, gripping and suspenseful, Beck's The Judas Coin is a must-read." - Susan Wingate #1 Amazon Bestselling author.
In case you missed the Live interview on Susan Wingate's DIALOGUE Between the Lines, now you can listen in by clicking on the link. 
William Beck's Radio Interview - The Judas Coin
You do not want to miss this. Listen in and get started reading today.
Best wishes, William Beck

The IWIC, International Writers Inspiring Change, contacted author William Beck about writing a book review for the fourth Bryson McGann adventure thriller, Crosscurrents. This action-packed novel garnered high acclaim from New York Times Bestselling author, Vince Zandri.
Just click on the link to read the review and if you don't know Bryson McGann, then it is time to get acquainted. And be sure to look for the debut of NESSA Consultant, Jess Colton, in her suspense thriller, The Judas Coin, coming in July 2017.
And for you Bryson McGann lovers, he returns next year in Polar Meltdown.

Now you can find out more about the man behind the stories featuring Bryson McGann and Jess Coilton. Take a moment and click on the link. Author William Beck

Host Dellani Oakes will interview author William Beck on Blog Talk Radio - Red River Radio's,  Dellani's Tea Time, on April 10th from  3 - 5pm Central Standard Time. Follow this link on the day of the show and you can listen in. Beck will be joined by two other authors and will feature Andy Peloquin and Aleigha Siron. It should be a fun-filled two hours and you can find out more about William Beck's The Judas Coin and his other novels at the author's website.

If you missed the interview on Dialouge Between the Lines with host Susan Wingate interviewing author William Beck, you can listen to the podcast now. Also, you can find out more about The Judas Coin and William Beck's other novels at the author's website.
The Judas Coin has been compared to Dan Brown's, The DaVinci Code by Seven times New York Times and Two time USA Today Bestselling author, Tom Carter. "Not since the DaVinci Code has such riveting suspense touched sacred beliefs and myths."
Host Susan Wingate says this "...William Beck's The Judas Coin is a must read." 
You do not want to pass up this thrilling suspense novel with Jess Colton.

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