9/11 - A profound tragedy. What's missing from the memory of that day?

Profound tragedies create indelible memories. Several events occurring in my lifetime have seared their imprint upon me permanently. Two stand at the forefront. As a child, the scandalous assassination of President Kennedy is as clear as the purest water: when it comes to exactly where I was and what I was doing. 9/11 brought to life the same effect. I remember watching the heinous incident on television while living in Vermont. In the midst of the stunning shock that accompanies tragic events, a number of things did not add up that day, and still do not.
The mystery of Building 7 at the World Trade Center is nearly forgotten by most of the public. Yet, it is a key component in what went on behind the scenes that unforgettable day. This video link will provide shocking details about the collapse of this building in the complex unaffected by the preceding airplane strikes. 
Will anyone know the truth behind events of this nature? It is highly doubtful. On the anniversary of this day, let us pause remembering the fallen and their families and friends. Let us also take time to ask why and who benefited from the tragedy.
Please spend a few minutes watching this video. It is well worth it!

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