The Caribbean Sea - Unseen dangers lurking beneath its crystal blue waters

Sandy beaches, swaying palms, sun-filled cerulean skies come to mind for most when you mention the Caribbean. A serene setting aptly fitting the description of "Another day in paradise." For those history buffs, its waters are a place where pirates roamed the Spanish Main in search of treasure, in a time when mayhem and murder ruled the sea.
Today, tourists flock to the sunny shores of many island nations in the lower latitudes with only thoughts of fun and relaxation on their minds. A place to just get lost and enjoy life in laid back style, while steel drums and calypso tunes languish on the trade winds. 
Is there more than meets the eye in this idyllic setting? Are you aware of the hidden dangers beneath the tranquil waters? Within the depths of the Caribbean, monsters lurk, waiting for the precise moments to unleash a devastation of incredible proportion. In an area plagued by seismic activity; buckling of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and Caribbean Plate, underwater volcanoes await the inevitable. The entire Caribbean Basin is at risk in the event of a powerful tsunami, unleashing incredible destruction and loss of life.
Read Caribbean Agenda and discover for yourself what other real danger awaits tourists in the lower latitudes. You will be frightened, and should be.

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