A dangerously thin line - freedom to Fascism

Love your country? Of course you do. Who doesn't, right?
Patriotism and flag waving are symbols of what we in this nation consider to be examples of being an American, loving the country. But when does that become something far more sinister, slipping over the edge, and bringing about the loss of freedoms and far worse?
It is as simple as reading your history book. Consider Germany in the late 1920's and early 30's. In a nutshell here is the abbreviated version. The nation had fallen into economic collapse. Hitler's plans instilled a vibrant sense of patriotism in the country's citizens. He offered hope in the face of despair. Germans were enthralled by his charismatic ways and promises of a better tomorrow. The rest as they say is history.
Today, the Economic Union is threatened. The current financial outlook of Europe is bleak. Bankruptcy threatens several countries and nationalism on the Continent is on the rise. Will history repeat itself? Let's hope not, but indicators might be leaning in that direction.
Could events like those described above occur in the United Stated? Preposterous? Never happen. Read this article in the Examiner and reconsider the question. You might not like the answer.

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