HAARP Project and Weather Modification - Does U.S. Senate Bill S. 517 and House Bill 2995 give carte blanche to unleashing a monster?

In a remote locale in the Alaskan wilderness, the small town of Gakona sits nestled in the Copper River Valley, near the slopes of the rugged Wrangell Mountains. This small town's notoriety lies in its association with a military project, termed, HAARP - High frequency Active Auroral Research Project.
The project is surrounded by controversy and conspiracy. On one hand the military ascribes it purpose as solely a means of high tech communication. Yet the acres of massive antenna arrays are seen differently through the eyes of many. The implications run from mind control, the ability to cause earthquakes, and even weather control. It all sounds like a science fiction movie, but is the HAARP more than it seems? If it is innocuous, then why the need for a Senate and House Bill to allow a weather modification board?
Does the HAARP's destructive capability touted by conspiracy theorists really provide cause for concern? It is after all based on the work of Nicholas Tesla, an enigma himself, and topic for a blog post at some future point. As with all things of this nature, ultimately you decide. But before you do, read H.A.A.R.P.'S FURY and let Bryson McGann put the pieces of the puzzle together. You might just be surprised by what you find out.

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