Human Infringment in the Underwater Realm - Are there more reasonable options?

Lately, there has been much speculation about U.S. Navy testing of underwater acoustic devices for military purposes. Petitions have been circulating around the internet to bring a halt to this kind of testing because of harmful or injurious effects upon marine mammals. The Pacific Whale Foundation goes even farther, stating this low frequency testing will harm reef structures, kelp forests, fish, and other aquatic life. Where do we balance the need for military projects and the protection sea life? That question requires an answer.
Some might scoff and say what does it matter, but as I have pointed out before, the oceans are the key to our existence. Destroy the ocean environment and profound consequences will occur to land based life. It is that simple. If you have never heard the sounds of marine mammals communicating with one another, I can tell you it is an amazing thing.These creatures are intelligent and commune with one another.
Can we continue down this pathway of destruction? Is there a better answer? You decide. 

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