Imminent threat to the United States - Fact or fiction?

In my second novel, Red 7, I mentioned the Lituya Bay, Alaska tsunami which occurred in July 1958. A massive rock slide generated a wave reaching a height of 1720 feet. In more recent times, the devastation caused by a similar event with its epicenter near Sumatra in the Indian Ocean, killed more than a quarter of a million people in 2004. 
Is it conceivable an even more devastating tsunami might inundate the eastern seaboard of the United States? Sound unimaginable? In actuality, an event of such incredible magnitude is a very real threat. The Canary Islands, a Spanish Archipelago off Africa's west coast, holds the key to our own potential destruction. Should the Cumbre Vieja volcano erupt, the amount of rock debris sliding off into the Atlantic would be the size of a small island, and the Lituya Bay disaster pale in comparison. Wiped from the face of a map, Boston, New York, Washington, D.C., Miami, and other U.S.. coastal towns face annihilation from a series of waves coming ashore in an unparalleled event. Millions face the possibility of death in the ensuing chaos. 
Find out what NESSA and Bryson McGann are doing to inform readers of environmental concerns just like this, and many others, in the riveting series of thrillers from William Beck.

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