Jesse Ventura - An outspoken individual and his take on the current political situation

Politician, Actor, Wrestler and Navy SEAL, this is the man, Jesse Ventura.  The context of this article is cause for great concern, and should give pause to every American regardless of  his or her political persuasion.
What went wrong in this country? We had a system that worked, or did we? Have the citizens of this country been naive enough not to have noticed, or did complacency set in to the point of blindness? Who is to blame for the failure? Has the political system been hijacked? The interview with former governor Jesse Ventura  seems to indicate it is so. 
Thomas Jefferson warned us of the entanglements associated with corporations. Even over two hundred years ago, their influence reached across the fabric of society. Today, those tentacles have woven their way into politics and influence pedaling of the highest degree; to the point where our own Supreme Court has provided privileges akin to an individual.
Are there those who operate according to legal parameters? The answer is, of course. Without a doubt, many corporate entities are the proverbial "kid in a candy shop" and left unattended will do anything for the "bottom line."  More so, the problem has become the power of unlimited election funding and the buying of political influence. Scare you? It should..........
Read the Bryson McGann novel, RED 7, and see for yourself what destructive capabilities are possible by a corporate entity bent on scheming agenda. 

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