Long Island and the Nazi connection

Plum Island lies a short distance from the northeastern shore of Long Island, New York. Located near the Hamptons, a long standing summer playground for the rich and famous, the mystery of this enigmatic island is shrouded in a veil of conjecture and secrecy.                Plum Island

Previously owned by the Department of Agriculture, it now falls under the auspices of Homeland Security. It's purported purpose is that of a lab used to study and identify animal diseases. But what of its connections to Nazi scientists? Operation Paperclip sought to bring former German scientists to this country at the end of WWII. Many of these researchers were Nazi sympathizers. Scientist and virologist, Erich Traub's studies specialized in foot and mouth disease. He actively pursued this type of research for the Reich, under Himmler's direction. Traub also worked with the Navy's biological warfare program after the war's end. afaft
An outbreak of the dreaded foot and mouth disease occurred on the island in the 1970's. In one weekend all livestock was slaughtered and their carcasses incinerated in a containment attempt. Since that time no animals roam the grounds, and are only housed inside the facility. A short distance away across the sound in Connecticut, the outbreak of Lyme disease took place in 1975. Carried by ticks, this potentially deadly disease was another of Traub's interests. Other strange occurrences have taken place, justifying the worries of area residents. Little is known of the actual research taking place there. Speculation is that more than just the study of animal diseases goes on. Strictly guarded, no one is allowed admittance unless you are a worker or receive special permission, which is rarely granted.     
There are whispered rumors of animal experimentation creating grotesque creatures in a scenario similar to Dr. Moreau's island. Give careful consideration to the carcass of this animal that washed ashore. Coined the  Montauk monster, it is claimed by some to have been a part of secret genetic testing. Whatever this unique looking creature is, the official government word deemed it to be the remains of a raccoon. Really? All I can say is your guess is as good as mine.   What really lies hidden away in the massive laboratory building on Plum Island. The truth is we will probably never know the true story behind it all. One thing is certain. Plum Island is no vacation destination.     

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