Oceans and their state of health - what lies ahead?

Underwater explorer and oceanographer, Jacques Cousteau, warned us many years ago of his dire concerns regarding increased ocean pollution, dying reefs, and dwindling fish populations. Some people listened, many waved it off thinking the the world's oceans to large to become unsustainable. Our inability to accept  what has happened in the seas, and the delicate balance of life therein, is both perplexing and churlish. We as a species are so adept at "sticking our heads in the sand" until consequences rear their ugly head. Once that realization sets in, then valiant efforts are launched in an attempt to correct any problems. Shortsighted is the kindest word I can use for that ill conceived thinking and a considerable understatement.
The Los Angles Times article dated August 18, 2012, concerning Ocean Health, located in the Science section, should have elicited a major response from news agencies and an uproar from citizens around the globe. The world's oceans received a 60 out of 100 for an index score of their health. The U.S. faired only slightly better at a 63. Steven Katona, managing director of the Ocean Health Index for nonprofit environmental group states, "People and nature are not separate anymore."  I would personally add, "They never have been."
Granted many factors are taken in to account to achieve this rating, but that aside, it spells dire times ahead for this planet and its citizens if things to do not turn around. Are you stand up and do you part to make a difference?
After reading this article, you may have a better understanding as to why my thrillers featuring Bryson McGann involves the organization, the National Earth Seas Science Agency(NESSA). Change is inevitable, but it is what we do with that change that spelling the difference.

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