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I am continually on the hunt for the unique, the paranormal, or just plain old fashion conspiracy. I glean many things from these topics; and at times, something of them slips into one of my Bryson McGann novels. 
Osama bin Laden, Afghani freedom fighter, whose cozy relationship with CIA when his country was at war with the Russians in the 1980 and 90's, opens a gaping hole of speculation.
Did Osama bin Laden really die n the raid on his compound on May 2, 2011? Or, did his demise occur long before what the world has accepted as fact? We will never know for certain. A quick and convenient burial at sea instantly negated any chance of publicly identifying his remains. We have only the government's word it was indeed Al-Qaeda's nefarious leader and mastermind behind 9/11. 
I must say I am always troubled by tidy and conveniently quick fixes. Do I live, eat, and breathe conspiracy theories? No. But I have witnessed enough in my lifetime to understand that obfuscation serves those who have something to hide. Would our own government conceal the truth from its citizens. Check your history folks. Does Iran-Contra ring any bells. That is only one example of many.
In the digital world in which we live, where images and videos can be changed to suit one's purpose, is the implausible possible? The answer is yes.
Do I claim to know what really happened to bin Laden. No, I do not. If nothing else, the highlighted link above makes for interesting reading. It never hurts to take a look at the back cover of any story. Give yourself some time to ruminate on the possibilities whenever controversy arises. Then decide for yourself......
And if you really want to delve into conspiratorial waters, read my novels and let  Bryson McGann unravel the tangled threads of lies obscuring the truth. You won't be disappointed!

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