The Ultimate Conspiracy - A new twist on the Roswell Incident

How can I let this slip by? The answer is, I can't. Roswell is a name that easily rolls off the tongue; its familiarity well known across this country and the world. In 1947, The U.S. military claimed to have captured a UFO. Supposedly, there were alien bodies recovered in the wreckage. Shocking headlines captured the nation's attention. The next day, the military claimed it was a nothing more than a weather balloon. And in that moment, the obfuscation and controversy came to life. So nothing new, right? Wrong. This is where the story takes on a new twist.
An ex-CIA agent, Chase Brandon, claims to have first hand knowledge of the events occurring in the arid New Mexican countryside. Chase, a twenty-five year veteran, was stunned by what he discovered tucked away within CIA archives in Langley, Virginia. 
Believe it? No? Well, wait just a minute. If you have never seen a UFO before I can understand the skepticism. It sounds too incredible to be true. I am going on record by saying I have witnessed four unusual events that defy explanation. Extraterrestrial, inter-dimensional, military aircraft, or what. I am very familiar with aircraft, and what I saw bent the parameters of what we know as aircraft that fly across out skies today. 
A vast number of individuals with credible references have experienced the unexplainable. Whatever lies beyond the boundaries of our limited thinking awaits discovery. Time will be the catalyst providing the truth at some future point. 
So is Brandon Chase's only motive to sell his new book about the Roswell incident? Who knows, but as you look skyward, you never know what you might see. 
If you enjoy thrilling tales of all to real intrigue and conspiracy with a factual basis, begin the Bryson McGann series today. You won't be disappointed!

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