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As an author, I feel a great responsibility to not only provide my fans with a thrilling novel, but also to educate them on various issues discussed within the pages of my books. That concept carries over into this blog. As you join me on this journey; the topics will range from environmental concerns, conspiracy, paranormal, bizarre, and whatever else piques my interest. With that said, I want you to enjoy, comment, and offer suggestions as you and I weave our way through the topics. My guarantee to you is it will be fun, exciting, and enlightening. So make it a point to come along and see where the trek leads us. You won’t be disappointed! ~ William Beck

Cover up? The unfortunate disappear from cruise ships, vacations, and off the streets, while people ask how does that happen. Are there underground networks of ruthless individuals who prey on the unsuspecting? Find out within the pages of...

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