Solemn Vow: Chapter 9

The MIL-17 swept in like a bird of prey. The camel club heard me coming but had no idea who was flying the chopper. I did a fly over once to get an idea of the terrain and a few of the rug doctors decided to take potshots at me. Not very sporting of them. So I decided to take matters into my own hands. Working the controls, I circled back around.

“T.C. I’m making a run back across haji positions. Tell the boys to hang on and enjoy the show. It’ll be the fourth of July very soon.”

I knew the big man was smiling. I could see it. That was T.C. “Roger that.”

Lowering the nose of the chopper I settled in and began the attack. My thumb flicked the protective cover off the toggle and then the night sky exploded into a hellish inferno. “This one’s for you, Kyle,” I whispered. Rockets streaked from the pods on both sides of the aircraft ripping into the goat-ropers on the ground. Sixteen separate explosions obliterated the opposition.T.C. and the boys went in to mop up and I landed the chopper, waiting for them to get on board. They say all good things come to an end and I was about done with this. Tired, sore, and unsettled by everything, including the colonel’s previous dialogue.

Everyone found a spot on the bus and T.C. climbed into the front seat. “Fun and games, T.C.”

The big guy spoke some Arabic and worked the radio channels, listening closely to see if any aircraft were headed our way. He shrugged and gave me a thumbs up which did little to improve my mood. We were far from home free.

I set a compass course in a northeasterly direction and opened the throttles. Somehow we managed to cross back into Iraqi airspace without being shot down and then we turned north in our run for the Turkish border.

“I don’t want you calling anybody until after we cross into Turkey.”

“Understood. Last thing we need is someone trying to cover up the fact we made it out alive.” His voice sounded tinny in the headset as the rotor roared in the background.

“Right on that count. Everyone in on this will be pissed soon enough once they find our mon ami, aka, the colonel, is still alive.”

“You think he’s regular Army, Bry?”

I glanced at the instrument panel and then turned in his direction. “You are kidding, right?”


“Likely, maybe DIA. What the hell does it matter? He’s a spook of some kind, that’s for sure. One thing’s certain, we’ll never find out. But I’ll ask you this.”

“What’s that?”

“Want to wager how long it’ll be before we read his obit?”

Everyone was bone tired and drug through the dirt. No, I mean that literally. Surely you get my brand of humor by now. Forget it. None of us spoke much on the flight back. Fortunately our flight to Incirlik remained uneventful. All of us received a warm greeting from the base commander who had been roused from his beauty sleep and did not look pleased to see a rag tag group of spec op guys crashing the gates unannounced. But we’ll save that for another time.

(To be continued...)

Solemn Vow © 2016 by William Beck. All Rights Reserved

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