Space Shuttle Columbia - Answers to the cause of its destruction

A decade has now passed since our nationlooked on, horror-stricken by the disintegration of the Space Shuttle Columbia on re-entry to earth. We questioned how something like this could have happened, especially since the Challenger's disaster on take off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida in 1986. 
With any event such as this, myths begin to swirl and spread like wild fire. Conspiracy theories become whispered explanations as to the root cause. And soon misinformation fills the void as to possible causes. Here are ten myths that have attempted to explain the cause of the Columbia's destruction.
These items make for interesting reading and potentially offer the backdrop for a thriller type novel. In light of that, please remember these gallant men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for space exploration. Spend a moment to view the pictures of the team, shuttle mission, and aftermath.

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