Mystery of the Star Child - Human or Alien?

A little over nine hundred years ago in the rugged terrain of Mexico's Copper Canyon area, a woman and a child like being entered a small cave. The woman buried the body of the smaller being, and then lay down next to its shallow grave, where her remains were discovered by a teenage girl in the 1930s. So what makes this seemingly tragic scenario so extraordinary? Certainly, there were indigenous people living throughout the region. It is what was dug up from beneath the dirt of the gravesite that makes the quest for answers of the Starchild enigma so vital......
Author and lecturer Lloyd Pye has taken up the cause of revealing the truth behind this mysterious tale. So remarkable is this story, it has more than its share of detractors. But now, evidence may soon be forthcoming which will lend proof the Starchild is of alien origin and not human after all.
The Starchild Project is an all out endeavor to provide scientific evidence pointing to the true identity of this being. Its characteristics in many ways are unlike anything human known to exist and only add to the bizzare nature of this unsolved conundrum. 
Lloyd Pye, a crusader for exposing the truth, states DNA and genome mapping results will possibly be available to the public by the end of 2013.
The Starchild is an incredibly fascinating that demands answers.

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