Project Star Gate and the CIA

During the era of the Cold War, the idea of remote viewing to spy on the Soviet Union and China, to assess their capabilities grew into Project Stargate. Later under direction of the CIA, Project Stargate became Star Gate. This top secret effort to detect potential threats began in 1972, and eventually was terminated in 1995. A massive budget, a supposedly ineffectual program, and more than its share of detractors brought a halt to the government's clandestine remote viewing program. Or did it?
Members belonging to the list of alphabet agencies experimented with the controversial idea of remote viewing, including the CIA, DIA, and branches of the military services. One of the major players in the realm of top secret dealings, the NSA, had been redacted from the list and later discovered in a declassified CIA document. Also, the Joint Interagency Force employed the use of remote viewing in an effort to thwart drug smugglers.
The idea that the CIA program came to a screeching halt has more than its share of naysayers. Many believe the project simply went underground and became included in "black budget" operations, or as in one case, farmed out to defense contractor, Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC). 
The realization that world powers will stop at nothing to gain control over their adversaries is an all to real and costly phenomena. We easily scoff at such ideas, but every citizen should carefully contemplate the implications and importance concealed by hidden agendas.

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