UFOs - What is it "they" don't want us to know: Part 1

As far back as thousands of years ago, sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) have been reported. Ancient China and India were hot spots. Alexander the Great's accounting of flying shields is another of many. And the list continues on into modern times. Best known in past century is the Roswell incident, and sightings continue up until this day.
Skepticism is a natural phenomena of the human species. It allows us to sift through the real and unreal in the quest of digging for the truth. Many things called to light are inexplicable, seemingly to unreal to believe. While there are the hoaxers whose goal is to deceive, their stance only hurts the cause of finding truthful answers. 
But what is it "they" don't want you to know? What is the reasoning behind the deception and outright lies? Perhaps if a small number of people, even hundreds laid claim to witnessing UFO events, one could scoff and toss aside their ranting with a dismissive hand.
However, when one considers the vast amount of individuals who have witnessed strange events, people such as professional pilots, police, military personnel, nurses, doctors, lawyers, and even a U.S.. president, how can their testimonies be discounted. Add to this video footage of objects that cannot be classified as anything but reality.
Therein is the disquieting issue in the raging debate over whether UFOs exist. Are they merely figments of imagination or just grand delusions, at times, on a mass scale. Follow these blogs as the UFO series continues, because as Fox Mulder said on TV's, X Files, "The truth is out there."

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