UFOs - What is "they" don't want us to know: Part 2 - Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia

After this many years, there are few who have not heard of the Roswell incident in 1947. Publicized in articles, books, radio, and TV, the controversial topic still rears its head.  Believers and naysayers opine their viewpoints and what swirls is a conspiratorial issue of immense proportion with the typical denials that have become pat answers when seeking truthful information. 
But this blog is not about Roswell, the infamous UFO crash site. Even more of a puzzling conundrum is the Shag Harbour incident occurring twenty years after the event in the New Mexican desert.
Approximately one hundred and thirty miles southwest of Halifax, Nova Scotia, the sleepy  village of Shag Harbour was barely known to the outside world until the night of October 4, 1967. What took place has been deemed Canada's own Roswell. But unlike the American event, the version north of our border left behind a documented trail of proof; involving citizens, RCMP, and naval vessels from both countries.
Somewhere around  eleven pm, the authorities were notified and witnessed for themselves the claims of what area resident thought to be a crash site for some type of aircraft. A search was conducted which spread to Shelburne, thirty miles away. A bevy of naval divers and vessels became involved. There were also reports of a Russian submarine in the area at the time. It begs the question. Was it all part of a clever ploy in the quest for a sunken UFO? A means to promote a scandalous cover up?
There are many accounts of the incident and following days along the Nova Scotia coastline. Residents were never told the truth of what happened that autumn evening, adding to their the collection of folklore involving pirates, sea monsters, and other superstitious tales. One staunch fact reamins. Both the U.S. and Canada became involved in a massive undertaking in a very rarely occurring joint collaboration to locate something of vital importance. 
Why is there no disclosure and who benefits from these untold secrets. Perhaps time will reveal the answers. No one can tell you what to believe, but give it careful consideration.One thing is certain. "The truth is out there."

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