UFOs - What is it "they" don't want us to know Part 3 - Bizarre Chilean Alien

Recently, the New York Daily News posted pictures of a miniature alien looking creature discovered in Chile's, Atacam Desert. Upon initial inspection, the first order of thought is an elaborate hoax. Or perhaps, some ingenious individual "fixed up" a child's toy in an attempt to create sensationalistic headlines.
After reading the article about this alien skeleton I walked away scratching my head, totally perplexed. Researchers at Stanford University brought to life some very interesting facts regarding the strange life form.
First, they claim the skeleton belongs to that of a small girl in the age bracket of six to eight years. That in itself is remarkable given the diminutive size of the skeleton. According to experts at Stanford's University Medical School there is no known form of dwarfism to explain the "being." Add to that is possesses ten ribs unlike humans which have twelve. Then toss in a misshapen head  looking as if it came from the prop department for a Sci-Fi movie and the riddle becomes more confounding. And then the enigma increases dramatically by the findings they revealed.
Researchers discovered that 9% of the skeleton's genome did not contain human DNA. If this being was 91% human, the question begs, what does the remaining percentage belong to and only compounds the mystery associated with the remains.
Why has this not been given front page headlines? Will we hear anymore about this in coming days, or are there those who wish to bury the issue and the damming evidence of other life forms? Somewhere, someone has the answers. "The truth is out there!"

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