Yellowstone National Park - A threat to life on planet earth!

The recent discovery of Tamu Masif, between the Hawaiian Islands and Japan, brings to mind the issue that mankind’s end may come from somewhere other than space. The often touted comet or asteroid plowing into the earth’s atmosphere and destroying life as we know it presents a chilling possibility. But so is something given little regard as you discover in this blog post.
Tamu Masif in an extinct submarine volcano birthed during the Jurassic to early Cretaceous period around 145 million years ago. It is the biggest single Shield volcano discovered on the planet. Although scientists have not as yet found others beneath the Pacific's blue waters, they theorize even larger volcanoes may exist.
Fast forward to today and something far more sinister lurks with a far greater threat to our own future. Tucked into a corner near Montana and Wyoming border is Yellowstone National Park. This natural gem established in 1872 is a wonder of nature.  Besides the abundant animal life, pristine wilderness, and geo-thermic geysers, mud pots, and boiling springs beneath the soil a potential catastrophe awaits.
Yellowstone National Park is in actuality the remnants of an ancient volcano, a caldera with continuous seismic activity and the potential to erupt. In our planet’s ancient past the volcano has erupted three different times, the most recent was 640,000 years ago. The inevitable will occur again.
If you remember the Mt. Saint Helen's volcanic catastrophe in 1980, an eruption of Yellowstone is predicted to be one hundred times as powerful. When this massive eruption presents itself it will alter the face of this country dramatically, and for that matter, the planet.
Will this happen in the near future? Only time will tell and the truth is out there.

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