Veiled in secrecy...the enigma surrounding the death of an American

November 22, 1963, the point where the innocence of American ideology succumbed to the angst of presidential assassination. Historically, other national leaders elected to serve this nation met with similar fates, but the murder of JFK in Dallas, Texas, forever changed American life.
So much has been said, written, and  even scripted into movies that for younger generations the tragedy is only a blip on the radar screen. But if you were alive at the time, its gut wrenching effect forever lingers in haunting shadows. Official reports provided a very skewed opinion as to who exactly killed our nation's thirty-fifth president. JFK's demise offers the ultimate conspiracy for those whose lives dwell in that mysterious realm. But for the rest of us, the less than satisfactory explanation as to who actually pulled the trigger is an unsettling and unanswered story. 
In David Fearnhead's recent posting from November of 2012, he offers a compelling story in the first of a several part series as to the feasibility of Oswald as JFK's killer. Oswald to him seems ever the perfect patsy. Delving even deeper into the nearly fifty year old enigma, James W. Douglass', JFK and the Unspeakable, opens eyes with his stirring account of little known behind the scenes facts,all backed by ninety-eight pages of cited references. 
Sadly, while time marches on, history gets lost for those whose lives come well past the moment of tragic events. They seldom concern themselves with seeking answers. Perhaps this is the real reason society never learns that history does repeat itself.
The assassination of a U.S. president who might have changed the course of mankind will by all accounts never be resolved. Far too many people have far too much to lose.
If you read my novel RED 7, a geo-political thriller, hints as to who actually was behind the cabal responsible for his death can be found. Fact or fiction? You decide.

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