Missing Ft. Knox Gold Reserves

Imagine just for a moment, that the very thing the United States bases it currency on no longer remains in the vault at Ft. Knox, Kentucky. Preposterous? Of course, but stop for a moment and examine some of the claims behind that statement.
The last audit of the bullion stored at the Kentucky military base was conducted in 1953. Amazingly, only five percent of the gold was tested and no independent auditors were allowed on site. If this were a publicly controlled enterprise, they would be required by law to do an external audit on a regular basis. So for sixty years, three generations of U.S.. citizens have assumed everything is kosher at Ft. Knox.
Congressman, John R. Rarick demanded a Congressional investigation into the matter and on September 23, 1974, five other Congressmen besides himself, one senator, and several members of the press were given a limited tour of the facility.
But how do you explain the disconcerting issue of fake gold bars showing up in Germany and Hong Kong. Rumors swirled during President Clinton's tenure fake gold, tungsten wrapped in a thin veneer of clading was shipped to China to pay off debts owed by this country. 
Now toss this article from the European Union Times in the mix and the sordid tale deepens in its conspiratorial vain. A report prepared by the FSB for Prime Minister Putin indicates former IMF Chef Dominique Strauss-Khan was jailed on sex crime charges after his alleged discovery of the missing bullion. 
Like all things of this nature unraveling the truth is probably impossible. So what does all this mean. In a nutshell, If the dollar devalues and the vaults are full, gold prices will continue to increase. If the dollar collapses and there is no gold at Ft. Knox, economic collapse awaits the unsuspecting citizens of this nation, and the world suffers an economic crisis of global proportion.

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