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  R. J. Archer
Author of the exciting mystery/adventure series, Seed of Civilization and Parallel Ops
  Rai Aren
Candian author of the award winning mystery novel, Secret of the Sands
  Jon McGoran
Author of the D.H.Dublin mysteries and DRIFT from Tor/Forge books, 2013
  Bradley Nickell
Vegas cop, and author of the gritty true life crime drama, Repeat Offender
  Vince Zandri
#1 International Best Selling author of The Innocent, Godchild and The Remains


  The Earl of Orkney
Did Henry Sinclair arrive on North American shores?
  Oak Island
What lies buried on this mysterious island?
  Victoria, British Columbia
The gem of Vancouver Island.
  Hope for the Jordan
Is there hope for a dying river?
  The Carthusian Order
The Monastic Order used as the basis for the Brotherhood in Crosscurrents.
  John "Frenchy" Grombach
Leader of the "Pond" - are there more secrets to discover
  The GIA
The Algerian terrorist group led by Ali Azir Bou-Zhamed
  A NESSA Project
Ferrous fluid technology - a new approach to producing energy
Mossad's elite unit of lethal assassins.
  Cardo Maximus, Jerusalem
The ancient Roman road running throught the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem


  “Popular Science” Warns About “Weather As A Weapon”
The cloud of disinformation and deception surrounding the ongoing climate engineering insanity is massive beyond true comprehension.
This History Channel program explores the history of weather warfare, interviewing many scientists, telling of experiments gone awry, going back, almost a century.
Source for Angels Don't Play This HAARP
  Background of the HAARP Project
Prepared by Rosalie Bertell, Ph.D., GNSH
  HAARP - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
... The HAARP project aims to direct a 3.6 MW pulse in the 2.8-10 MHz bandwidth into
the ionosphere and then to examine the effects of the pulse and the recovery ...
  Coast to Coast AM with George Noory
... Nighttime AM talk show founded by Art Bell and featuring stories outside of the mainstream media.
... A 30-year veteran freelance writer, poet and author of H.A.A.R.P, a book that includes an overview of the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program


  The Carlyle Group
The facts that formed the fictious Carlton Trust in RED 7
  The Ex-President's Club
Former world leaders and Washington insiders making billions in the War on Terrorism...
  The Jeff Rense Program
Extraordinary Times, Intentional Collapse, & Takedown of the U.S.A.
  David Rothkopf
Fact or fiction? You decide...
  Dr. Barry Fell
A look at the author of America B.C. History as it happened, not the way we know it.
  America B.C.
A provocative and insightful inspection of American history. This is a book worth reading...


  Mote Marine Laboratory - Sarasota, Florida
A state of the art scientific lab on the Gulf Coast.
  Pulley Ridge - Deep Water Reef
A deep water reef in the southern Gulf of Mexico.
  More on Pulley Ridge
Information on an unusual phenomenon.
  Do they all jump overboard? Cruise Lines standard answer...
The dirty facts no one wants you to know.
  Open Seas Fisheries...are they the solution?
A solution to hunger?
  Is there an end in sight to "Flesh Trading?"
This heinous crime must stop.


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