Global Warming - Believe it or not.......

The issue of Global Warnming is a hot ticket item. What began with a concern for the welfare of the planet we all live on, turned into a heated political debate of lies and finger pointing. Accusations, half truths, cover ups, and a list of attributes have swirled around the controversy in an attempt for each side to denounce the issues as either fraudulent or fact, yet all the while attempting to acheive their own purposes. 
Are we to be wary of the this phenomena? Should it give us cause for concern? Does it matter if it has been brought about by CO2 emissions, or this is a cyclical planetary event? The fact is this. There is a warming trend occuring. For further information read the article by clicking on the link.  Canadian Arctic Loses Ice Shelf
Then be sure to  find out more about the dangers of environmental terrorism in the Bryson McGann thriller, H.A.A.R.P.'S FURY.

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